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Audio Hum Eliminator, 6-Kanal, XLR, 19" Rack

Audio Hum Eliminator, 6-Kanal, XLR, 19" Rack

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  • SE-IL196RM
  • IL-19-6RM
  • 3,00 kg
Sescom IL-19-6RM Six Channel In-Line Rack Mount Isolation Hum Eliminator The Only Product that... mehr

Sescom IL-19-6RM Six Channel In-Line Rack Mount Isolation Hum Eliminator

The Only Product that Removes All Types of Hum in Live Sound & Pro-Audio Gear!

The IL-19-6RM is a 6 Channel Rack Mount version of our World Renowned Industry Standard IL-19.

Designed as 3 products in-one, the Sescom® IL-19® is the industry standard for instantly reducing audio hum problems in live sound & broadcast applications providing quick fix line isolation to stop noise at the source. This 6 channel version features 1/4" or XLR combination balanced inputs and male XLR outputs. Removes ground loop hum, mode noise & differentially induced hum without the need for multiple transformers, ground lifters or phase inverters. Other in-line problem solvers solve only one problem at a time.

Sescom transformers are specifically engineered for flatter and broader frequency response allowing a hotter signal throughput without saturation. Sescom transformers also provide superior protection against radiated noise thus reducing pickup of hum and interference from outside sources such as power supplies. The IL-19-6RM keeps unwanted signals out of the circuit, but also reduces induced noise providing high-quality line level isolation to eliminate hum and buzz from interacting gear.

Provides Instant Relief For:
- Has Combination Inputs Jacks which accept Both 1/4" TRS plugs -OR- XLR connectors!
- Live Sound Equipment
- Radio & Broadcast Audio
- Line Level Equipment Interface
- Decoupling Lines to Reduce Hum
- Isolating Drive Lines to On-Stage Power Amps
- Long Line Cable Runs

Sescom ist eine Division der Tower Products Incorporated, New Jersey, USA, und spezialisiert auf die Entwicklung und Herstellung von besonderen Lösungen für die professionelle und semi-professionelle Audiotechnik.

Zum umfangreichen Programm gehören Audioadapter und -transformatoren, sowie Kleingeräte zur Übertragung oder Signalanpassung.

vuetec.tv UG importiert die SESCOM Produkte exklusiv und vertreibt sie im deutschsprachigen Raum.

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