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SyncBac PRO + GoPro Hero7 black Bundle

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  • SyncBac Pro GoPro Hero7 Bundle
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SyncBac PRO - Das Timecode System für GoPro HERO Kameras im Bundle mit einer HERO7 Black... mehr

SyncBac PRO - Das Timecode System für GoPro HERO Kameras im Bundle mit einer HERO7 Black

AKTION: Bundle einer GoPRO HERO7 Black mit SyncBac Pro.


1x Timecode Systems SyncBac PRO (incl. Ladekabel)
1x GoPro HERO7 Black (incl. serienmäßiges Zubehör)

 Das Modul SyncBac Pro wird einfach mit der GoPro Kamera durch den mitgelieferten Adapter verbunden und erweitert diese nun um die Fähigkeiten der bildgenauen Synchronisation und Steuerung aus der Timecode Systems Familie. Drahtlose Kopplung mehrerer GoPros und Remote über iOS oder Android Geräte machen die kleinen Kameras damit zu einem nun sehr praxisgerechten Werkzeug im Aufnahme Workflow.

The SyncBac PRO is a simple solution enabled by the innovative application of Timecode Systems’ robust wireless workflow technology.

How can we sync footage captured by a GoPro?

It’s a dilemma that’s troubled productions ever since they first started using the popular non-timecoded wearable cameras in professional film and television. The SyncBac PRO for the first time provides a tailor-made solution.
SyncBac Pro was developed by Timecode Systems Limited, a developer of wireless timecode hardware and software. As a sounding board for the broadcast industry’s workflow issues and ideals, the team was frequently fielding enquiries from productions struggling to timecode sync GoPro footage.
Visual slating of these cameras with a digislate was a workaround but not the seamless solution productions craved. So Timecode Systems developed the SyncBac Pro, working closely with GoPro to create a customized product that enables the HERO to timecode sync in the same way as traditional film and broadcast equipment.
But Timecode Systems didn’t stop once they’d cracked timecode sync. With the GoPro now compatible with the entire Timecode Systems range of wireless timecode and metadata products, there was an opportunity to add the functionality to wirelessly control and monitor GoPros using the BLINK Hub app. This enables wearable cameras to join up with all cameras and sound on set creating Timecode Systems’ most cohesive workflow solution yet.

SyncBac PRO integrates GoPro footage seamlessly into a professional production workflow in three ways.

Timecode sync multiple GoPros
Attach a SyncBac PRO to every unit and timecode sync multiple HERO Black and Silver units via long range wireless BLINK RF. Simply make one GoPro the master unit and use the SyncBac PRO to timecode sync unlimited GoPro slaves.
The BLINK RF protocol is how Timecode Systems’ products communicate with each other and how timecode, metadata and control commands travel between units.

Timecode sync with pro cameras & pro audio devices
When docked with a SyncBac PRO, GoPro HERO Black cameras integrate perfectly into a Timecode Systems production workflow. This means they can wirelessly timecode sync with any professional camera and audio equipment using a :pulse, :wave or :minitrx+ unit for timecode.

Wireless monitoring & control
When connected to the BLINK Hub dashboard via a :pulse, SyncBac PRO users can remotely control and monitor multiple GoPros from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, or Mac® computer. This, among other things, unlocks the capability to adjust camera settings and record start/stop remotely – a great way to maximize a GoPro’s battery life when it’s gear-mounted or not easily accessible.

Flawless fit

The SyncBac PRO is a tailor-made accessory for GoPro HERO Silver and Black cameras.

  • Seamlessly attaches via the HEROBus port.
  • Compact design keeps the GoPro as small and light as possible.
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO7 Black standard BacPac backdoor housings.
  • Internal battery that last 12 hours.
  • No external connectors required.

Wireless sync

Timecode sync is via BLINK – a wireless long range sync, control and metadata exchange protocol developed by Timecode Systems.

  • Operates over long range 865MHz to 923MHz RF.
  • Set up a :wave or :pulse as your BLINK master unit.
  • Activate BLINK slaves by selecting the same RF channel.
  • Monitor and control everything from one location.

Wireless control

The BLINK Hub is a new, free app accessed from any smartphone, tablet or Mac computer using the Wi-Fi connection from a Timecode Systems :pulse.

  • Real-time access to a production dashboard displaying every Timecode Systems camera and sound unit on a rig. This includes GoPros with SyncBac PRO.
  • Access the app from any smartphone (iOS or Android), tablet, or Mac computer over Wi-Fi, or through a wired Ethernet connection into the :pulse.
  • Centrally timecode sync video and audio timecode and metadata in complex multicamera set-ups. Including rigs with multiple GoPros.
  • Remote record start/stop and control multiple GoPros centrally from a computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • Maximize battery life of gear-mounted GoPros by using remote camera control, status and monitoring functionality.

A swift edit

At the end of a shoot, hand post-production an SD card with frame accurate embedded timecode.

  • Creates an MP4 file embedded with frame accurate timecode at source.
  • Upload into AVID Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere PRO. All are compatible.
  • Use the MP4 file or transcode to Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD – the timecode remains stable.


Funktion: Timecode für GoPro, Timecode Generator + Transceiver
Bauform: Action Kamera, Micro Converter
Display: OLED
Antennen: intern
Inputs: Daten
Outputs: Timecode
Power: 5 V DC
Standards: 60 / 50 / 30 / 25 / 24 Hz
Steuerung: App , App :BLINK, lokal
Eigenschaften: "SyncBac PRO + GoPro Hero7 black Bundle"
Funktion: Timecode für GoPro, Timecode Generator + Transceiver
Bauform: Action Kamera, Micro Converter
Display: OLED
Antennen: intern
Inputs: Daten
Outputs: Timecode
Power: 5 V DC
Standards: 60 / 50 / 30 / 25 / 24 Hz
Steuerung: App , App :BLINK, lokal

Timecode Systems ist ein britscher Hersteller von Geräten und Systemen zur synchronen Verkopplung von verschiedenen Audio-, Video- und Datengeräten für die Bereiche Broadcast, Produktion, Film, Live-Performance und mehr durch standardisierten Timecode. Er ist spezialisiert auf das Design und die Herstellung von praxisorientierten Produkten, unter Verwendung modernster Technologie mit höchster Zuverlässigkeit. Zu den Highlights gehören drahtlose Generatoren und Synchronizer.

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